Rob Parker: Philip Rivers is NOT a Hall of Famer

Chris Broussard: “Is Philip Rivers a Hall of Famer?”

Rob Parker: “NO WAY, NO HOW! NO! Philip Rivers is fine, he was very good, but there are a lot of guys who were 'very good'. The worst part about Philip Rivers is this: HE HAD MORE KIDS THAN PLAYOFF WINS! He was 5-7 in career playoff games with a 59% completion rate, 16 touchdowns and 10 picks, and a passer rating of 85. It’s not ‘special.’ Piling up numbers is fine, I’m just trying to give you what separates guys. He was NEVER, EVER, EVER a First-Team or Second-Team All-Pro during his career. There are five quarterbacks in the Hall of Fame who didn’t win a Super Bowl, but they were all First-Team All-Pros – Dan Fouts, Warren Moon, Jim Kelly, Dan Marino, and Fran Tarkenton. They didn’t win a Super Bowl but they were First-Team All-Pros. That’s what separates Philip Rivers. Despite the numbers you’re going to spew, he was never ever, in 17 years, a First OR Second-Team All-Pro. That speaks volumes. He WASN’T one of the best quarterbacks during his time because if he was he would have had that honor once, twice, five times despite not winning it all... He had a very good career, there’s nothing to be embarrassed by or feel like I’m saying he’s a bum. ‘Hall of Fame’ should be for the very elite. Whenever you have to debate somebody on whether they belong, guess what? They’re NOT a Hall of Famer.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Rob Parker and Chris Broussard debate Philip Rivers’ legacy on the day he retired from the NFL at the age of 39, as Rob doesn’t believe the 8-time Pro Bowler will make it to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Rivers finished his career with a 134-106 record in 17 seasons and will retire with the fifth-most passing yards and fifth-most touchdown passes in league history, but never made the Super Bowl once in seven playoff appearances, including just one conference title game berth.

Check out the video above as Parker details why Rivers had a ‘very good’ career, but not an ‘elite’ one that would warrant his enshrinement in Canton.

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