Rob Parker Blasts Deshaun Watson: 'I Don't Want that Guy Leading My Team'

Rob Parker Blasts Deshaun Watson: 'I Don't Want that Guy Leading My Team'
Rob Parker: “Deshaun Watson is talking out of both sides of his mouth because he says he has no confidence in the Houston Texas BUT HE WANTS TO GO TO THE JETS! THE JETS HAVE BEEN A DISASTER IN THE FRONT OFFICE FOR A LONG TIME! Adam Gase was hired from their own division! What?! They’ve had a merry-go-round of general managers. THAT organization is where you’re ‘liking’ where you want to go?? HELLO? DESHAUN WATSON? CAN I GIVE YOU SOME NFL HISTORY?? THE JETS HAVEN’T WON A SUPER BOWL SINCE MOBY DICK WAS A GUPPY! THAT’S the franchise you wanna go to?? THAT’S the one you have no confidence in?? I don’t get this, and this doesn’t make sense to me… His narrative doesn’t make sense if he’s open to going to the Jets. To say Houston, who has made the playoffs four out of the last six years, is a ‘bad’ place with terrible leadership? To get your panties in a bunch, and to be all worked up, and then to be cryptic, and to leak out all this stuff, and to badmouth the organization off the record is BAD. That’s bad leadership and I don’t want that guy leading my team. I don’t care how talented he is, this approach is BAD. If you don’t wanna be there, be a man, stand up and say ‘I DON’T WANNA BE HERE’ and then they’ll make a decision… You’re either IN or you’re OUT, and Deshaun Watson is OUT. If I’m the Texans I’m looking for a deal.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Rob Parker discuss Deshaun Watson’s unprecedented ongoing dispute with the Houston Texans, and why he believes Watson’s bizarre passive-aggressive standoff with his own franchise is making Parker question the leadership qualities of a player who's supposed to be a franchise quarterback.

Watson just signed a 4-year deal worth $156 million deal with the team who drafted him as a first-rounder in 2017, but Watson’s fractured relationship with former head coach Bill O’Brien, coupled with his disillusionment in a Texans front office that doesn’t directly include Watson in personnel decisions has torpedoed the relationship between the two parties.

Watson was spotted liking an Instagram picture uploaded by the New York Post touting a potential Jets-Texans, leading Parker to question why Watson would imply that the Texans were a second-rate franchise, yet appear to be content with a trade that would send him to one of the most incompetent franchises in the history of American sports.

Check out the audio above as Parker rips Watson, saying ‘that’s bad leadership, and I don’t want that guy leading my team.’

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