Chris Broussard on Kyrie: 'I Have Concerns on His Mental Health Status'

Chris Broussard: “We just make observations, and let me start this by saying I’m no body language expert, I’m not a psychologist, I have not talked to him, and this is just an observation. From watching Kyrie in his interview he looked despondent, to me. Maybe he was just tired, and maybe he didn’t really feel like talking to the media – which is probably true for sure -- and he was just down about it. But he looked sad, and I came away feeling like I have more concerns with his mental health status now, than I had yesterday, or a week ago… I don’t know what going on, and maybe he’s concerned about the Capitol, but he just didn’t look good to me. His demeanor, his body language, his expressions, he rarely smiled… He said ‘I’m happy to be back’, but he didn’t look happy to be back. Again, maybe he was just tired or whatever, but that was one of my initial observations. My second observation was does Kyrie have a ‘savior complex'? I looked up some of the symptoms. #1 ‘You only feel good about yourself if you’re helping someone.’ #2 ‘You feel like helping others is your purpose.’ #3 'You expend so much energy trying to fix others that you end up burning out.’ That’s the one that hit me the hardest, that you ‘burn out’, and Kyrie looked burned out in the interview.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Chris Broussard and Rob Parker discuss Kyrie Irving’s first interview with the media since his bizarre disappearance from the Nets, as Kyrie is finally planning on returning to Brooklyn after an unprecedented two-week hiatus that was seemingly entirely unaccounted for.

Check out the video above as Chris details why he still has his concerns with Irving’s mental state going forward.

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