Former NFL Doctor David Chao Says He'd Still Give Kevin Durant a Max Deal

Former NFL Doctor David Chao Says He'd Still Give Kevin Durant a Max Deal
Rob Parker: “Do you think there is an integrity problem or conflict of interest problem with a doctor who works for a team, instead of an independent doctor?"
Dr. David Chao: “I don’t know what it’s like in the Warriors locker room, I can just tell you in my own experience the team and management never pressured me. Of course, there’s always intrinsic pressure and players pressured me to get them back, but I don’t see the inherent conflict. My job is to take care of the assets of the organization. You have to take care of them in the short AND long term. Yes, there are things that involve risk. If there was zero risk tolerance Klay Thompson, Steph Curry, DeMarcus Cousins, Kevon Looney, Andre Iguodala, or even Kawhi Leonard shouldn’t have played. “If a doctor gets one player back too quickly the locker room turns against them and he’s out of a job.”

Listen to former NFL team doctor David Chao, M.D. join The Odd Couple to talk about the lasting effects Kevin Durant’s Achilles injury will have on his future, as the 30-year-old who most pundits consider the game’s best player will have to come back from one of the worst injuries in professional sports.

Check out the full interview above as Dr. Chao believes NBA teams should STILL offer Kevin Durant max money.

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