Why Urban Meyer Will Have the Jaguars in the Super Bowl Within Four Years

Why Urban Meyer Will Have Jaguars in the Super Bowl Within Four Years
Jason Smith: “Urban Meyer is going to succeed, and it’s pretty easy why he’s going to succeed in Jacksonville. The most important thing is putting yourself in a position to succeed and that’s what Urban Meyer has done… The Jaguars clearly had the best job, not just because it comes with Trevor Lawrence, that is a huge part of it, but it’s also because you already have some pretty good young talent on offense there. James Robinson had a heck of a year this year, DJ Chark is good, and you have some pretty good players on defense already, Myles Jack. This is not a ‘bottom of the barrel’ and ‘you have no talent on this team’ situation like the Jets, it’s ‘we were bottom of the barrel because we trotted out Mike Glennon and some other dudes for a while.’ They have talent on this team, and more importantly, they have the most money in the NFL to spend in free agency… Urban Meyer is smart. This is not going to be Nick Saban coming in saying ‘I KNOW EVERYTHING…’, Urban Meyer has worked in the media the last several years and knows how things work. He has a really good understanding of the pro game, he still knows the players, he understands the media, he understands the locker room, he gets EVERY aspect of the NFL, so he’s going to hire a wiz-kid offensive coordinator, hire a really well-respected defensive coordinator, and not try to come in and do it all by himself… They’re going to take Trevor Lawrence, and I’m going to tell you, in four years the Jaguars are going to be in a Super Bowl.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Jason Smith discuss the Jacksonville Jaguars’ hiring of former three-time National Championship winning college coach Urban Meyer, and explain why he thinks Meyer will have the downtrodden Jaguars in the Super Bowl WITHIN FOUR YEARS.

Check out the audio above as Smith details why the combination of Trevor Lawrence, the most cap space in the league, young studs like James Robinson, DJ Chark, & Myles Jack, and Meyer’s intuitive knowledge of many aspects of the pro game makes his chances at winning big with the Jags very high.

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