Weird News: Wednesday August 7th


That's a lot of fries and gravy!!!

Here's a lot of bacon.....all over a road.....


Care for a whiff of sandalwood on your morning ride to work? Commuters in Vienna have turned their noses up at scented subway trains after a month-long trial aimed at enhancing their travel experience.

Four aromas -- including "energising" grapefruit and "relaxing" melon -- were tested in several carriages on two subway lines in the Austrian capital during July.


Police in New York were called to a Staten Island Ferry terminal to remove 25,000 bees that took up residence on an awning.

The New York Police Department said its beekeeper unit responded to the St. George terminal about 3 p.m. Sunday when the swarm of bees was spotted on an awning.


A man in Vero Beach who thought he was 140 miles away in Tampa told a deputy he smoked THC “to get himself ready because Jesus was returning,” an arrest affidavit states.


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