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Here's What Adam Silver Had to Say About Ja Morant's Potential Suspension

Dan Patrick: “Is the Ja Morant investigation over, we’re just waiting for the Finals to be over to announce the decision?”

Adam Silver: “The latter, we are waiting for the Finals to be over. I’m aware of those reports on social media about whether in fact the gun was a gun, so we haven’t completely wrapped it up.”

DP: “Does that matter if that’s a toy gun?”

Silver: “The issue for Ja, the first incident was treating a gun like a toy, and that’s what the danger is to society. Taking a gun, livestreaming it, and without getting into gun issues it terms of the propriety of owning guns and the use of guns, I think everyone agrees that gun safety is critically important, and that guns aren’t toys. It’s something I’m thinking a lot about. If you are livestreaming something that to the world looks exactly like a gun, in a reckless manner, should it matter whether or not it’s a real gun?"

DP: “What would be a big suspension?”

Silver: “I’m not going to get into the precise number of games, but in response to people who say eight wasn’t enough the first time around, it felt like a pretty severe punishment at the time— an eight-game suspension without pay. In terms of impacting his behavior, would 12 games have made a difference the first time? Fifteen games? I really don’t know. The older I get I realize I can’t control other people, and he has to own his own conduct.”

Listen to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver join The Dan Patrick Show to discuss the impending Ja Morant suspension, as the basketball world continues to wait to see how steep a penalty the 23-year-old will face for another run-in while livestreaming himself with a gun.

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