Clay Travis: It's All About Your QB & Coach, Texans Need to Fix This

Clay Travis: It's All About Your QB & Coach, Texans Need to Fix This

One of the biggest stories off the field so far since the NFL regular season has ended, is the situation boiling down in Houston. The Texans are still without a head coach, and their star quarterback Deshaun Watson is not happy with the situation or the team's owner. It's been reported that they've left Watson out of decision making in the organization, after telling him he'd be involved.

Clay Travis doesn't really understand what's so bad about the Texans situation to begin with. They have made the playoffs 6 times in the past 10 years, and they have won 4 playoff games. Detroit Lions fans would kill for that.

Clay says that the Texans need to fix this situation, and he believes it's a simple enough fix. The Texans front office needs to let Deshaun have some serious input on who they will hire as their next head coach.

Clay argues that the most important aspect to a successful team is the relationship between the franchise quarterback and his head coach. The Patriots with Belichick and Brady, and the Chiefs with Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes are just a couple of examples.

The Texans already have the hard part figured out. They have a young, incredible quarterback in Deshaun Watson, now they need to find a coach who Watson likes, then see where that takes their franchise.

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