Jose Canseco Agrees To Boxing Match With Barstool Sports' 'Billy Football'

Jose Canseco will be returning to the boxing ring very soon.

The disgraced former baseball star has reportedly agreed to a boxing match against Barstool Sports intern "Billy Football" at the company's next "Rough N Rowdy" pay-per-view event during Super Bowl weekend, TMZ Sports reports.

Billy, who contributes to the 'Pardon My Take' podcast and has been baiting the former outfielder for several weeks on social media, announced the fight on the latest episode of 'Pardon My Take,' as well as on the show's social media accounts Wednesday (January 13) morning.

"There's a very good chance he dies in the ring," Billy said on Wednesday's episode of 'PMT.' "I would commit manslaughter, I wouldn’t commit murder."

"For the record, I have no intent to kill him," he added.

Canseco also confirmed the news to TMZ Sports on Wednesday, adding that he also intends to box Logan Paul, who had previously dated his daughter, Josie Canseco, and shared a disrespectful challenge referencing their relationship in a recent challenge to the former Oakland A's star.

"Logan Paul, I am coming for you after I wreck this guy," Canseco told TMZ Sports.

Both Billy and Paul are more than 30 years Canseco's junior.

'Pardon My Take' co-host Dan "Big Cat" Katz said he initially wanted to fight Canseco two years ago after Barstool Sports purchased the "Rough & Rowdy" boxing promotion, but after time passed, he instead offered his intern to replace him and the retired baseball player accepted.

Canseco had previously boxed 7'2" South Korean MMA star Hong-man Choi in 2009. Billy, a former high school football quarterback and collegiate wide receiver, has no record of a boxing background, but is a noted self-proclaimed fitness aficionado.

Photo: Getty Images

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