Gronkowski Will Not Return To The NFL, Announces 'Championship Of Partying'

Former New England Patriots star Rob Gronkowski dashed the hopes of Patriots fan everywhere when he announced that he would not be returning to the field this season. Gronk is enjoying his retirement and announced his future plans on Instagram.

The two-minute video started with Gronk wearing a monogrammed bathrobe working on a ship in a bottle when he is rudely interrupted by two versions of himself. Party Gronk, dressed in beach attire and holding a couple of tall drinks, and Football Gronk, who is wearing shoulder pads and holding a helmet in his hands, pop into his living room and have a couple of suggestions for the retired Gronk. Acting like the Devil and Angel, the two alternate versions of Gronk argue whether or not the three-time Super Bowl champ should suit up again and chase a fourth, or if he should enjoy his post-NFL life and party it up like a champion.

After the two go back and forth, Gronk announces that he will be in Miami for Super Bowl LIV, but he won't be on the field. Instead, he will be hosting a music festival called Gronk Beach.

“I may not be playing the game this year, but I will still be going to Miami, and I’m going to be debuting my very own music festival, and it’s Gronk Beach," Gronk said, according to WBZ-TV. I mean, you can’t ask for any other situation that’s better than that. Bring some wildness, some fun, to bring a music festival to Miami and not just on top of Miami, at the Super Bowl. It’s really never been done like that before.”

The lineup will include Kaskade, Flo Rida, Diplo, DJ Carnage, Rick Ross, and 3lau.

While Gronk won't return to the field this season, he didn't rule it out, suggesting at the end of the video that anything can happen next season.

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