Weird News: Tuesday Sept. 10th

In Heinz-sight, Steve Smith should’ve ordered take-out for his Tuesday night dinner.

The 41-year-old Conservative councilor in Bristol, England told The Independent that he returned home late from a residents’ meeting and tore open the last can of Heinz Beanz from a multipack in the cupboard.

What he found inside would’ve broken the spirit of even the most steadfast optimist: A pathetic, lone bean drowned in a sea of savory-yet-unsatisfying bean juice.


A Washington motorist who police say used a black marker to try to make the vehicle-tab sticker on the license plate appear current received an A for effort along with a $228 ticket for expired tabs.


The Cleveland Indians REALLY want to get the world's most famous Biebers together -- and it could finally happen next week ... in Anaheim!!!


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