Pat and Benny Show: Vin's Top 10 Favorite Players To Play In Philly!

10-Claude Giroux

G's one of the most talented hockey player's to ever dawn the Orange and Black. I loved young Claude! G's had some great moments , from the 2010 cup run, to his 6 All Star games, to his dominate 2011-2012 and 2017-2018 campaigns. He's one of those guys that I just can't hate. Sure, I go back and fourth with him now a days but still, G's a great player!

9- Carson Wentz

Wentz is a guy that I just flat out love! From the way he plays the game to his humble demeanor! Wentz is a winner and has the hunger and drive that fits this city perfectly! If you had to draw up the perfect Philly QB. Carson Wentz is your guy! He's still young, and he's missed more than his share of games, but when Wentz dawns the midnight green, you know this team has a chance to win!

8- Roy Halladay

World class through and through! A guy that you loved to see perform whenever he was on the mound! Despite his brief stint in Philly, Roy Halladay was must watch TV. For 4 years he made fans stop what they're doing and watch his pitching! Think about this, 40 wins in 2 years! 50 in 3 with the Phillies. a Perfect Game and the 2nd EVER Post Seasons No-Hitter. Roy Halladay had the most dominate 2 year run of any Pitcher in the history of the game!

7. Keith Primeau

I love this guy! Hard nosed hockey player with an injury history but a warrior out on the ice! Keith was someone you want on your team and a guy who put his body on the line for a city that loved him in return!

6-Jeremiah Trotter

Think about this, Trotter was let go.... and came back to Philly....3 TIMES!!!! He loved this town! I loved his passion and his signature celebration! Kids every where loved throwing up the AX!!! Of course I played Linebacker too so couldn't get enough of him! 4 time pro-bowler as an Eagle and an All Pro in 2000!

5- Allen Iverson

Who didn't love to watch AI? Undersized but with the heart of a lion! How many time did you see The Answer cross the entire team and hit the fade a way jumper or drive to the bucket an get hacked while making the layup. The dude just had guts! Plus....that black Sixers Jerseys looked incredible on AI!

butwith the heart of a lion cross the entire team and hit the fade a way jumper or drive to the bucket an get hacked while making the layup come on

4- Jon Runyan

Not a lot of highlights for offensive lineman, but Runyan is a personal favorite! A consistent performer who never missed a game a true iron man and a great tackle! His rivalry with Michael Strahan was can't miss TV and added fuel to the Eagles Giants Rivalry!

3-Nick Foles

He's been through a ton of adversity in his career! During his first stint in Philly he posted one of the best statistical years by a qb in franchise history then was traded away for Sam Bradford! Nick he loved the city so much he came back, only to ride the bench for Carson Wentz. But the moment Wentz went down, Foles delivered a Super Bowl to Philly. Its the best football story ever!

2- Chase Utley

His hustle and love for the city of Philly and his consistency make him a favorite of mine! Not to mention his heads up play to throw out the runner at home in the 2008 World Series is the smartest play in World Series history. He was the heart and soul of the greatest run in Phillies History!

1- Brian Dawkins

B-Dawk played a hard nosed style of football. It was big hits and big plays from Weapon X. Dawkins' passion that he brought to the field has been unmatched in the history of the Eagles. There isn't a moment when Dawkins gives a speech that you don't get goose bumps. Despite being, arguably, one of the best Safties of all time, Dawkins played everywhere for a defense that rely's on versatility. He had the unique ability to match up on any offensive skill position while also being able to rush the passer and evade a hulking tackle. To this day, the jersey I will never throw out is the infamous midnight green #20!

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