Joey Chestnut Wins Hot Dog Eating Contest For 12th Time

Joey Chestnut is the 2019 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest champion, winning for the 12th time in his competitive eating career. Chestnut wolfed down 71 hot dogs in ten minutes to capture the title.

Despite his win, Chestnut was a bit disappointed because he wanted to eat 75 hot dogs and break his record of 74 that he set in 2018.

"I was going for 75," Chestnut told ESPN. "I always love to get a new record. Everybody here wanted a new record. Hopefully next year, I'll come back and find a way to do it."

He explained that he got off to a quick start, but wasn't able to keep up the pace he needed to break his record.

"I came out fast, and then I slowed down faster than I would have liked. I tried to adjust, but I was just slowing down."

Reigning women's champion Miki Sudo devoured 31 hot dogs to win the women's championship.

Photo: Getty Images