College Basketball Coach Had To Be Restrained After Berating Player

Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo lost his cool with one of his young players during the Spartans' first round 76-65 victory over the Bradley Braves in the NCAA tournament. The incident happened early in the second half when freshman forward Aaron Henry failed to get back on defense. During a time-out, the hall of fame coach stormed onto the court and started screaming and pointing at Henry as he walked to the bench.

The two had a heated exchange as players and coaches rushed over to try to calm Izzo down. Izzo was still unhappy with Henry and got in his face while the team huddled up during the time-out. As Izzo stood up, a few players grabbed him and pushed him back into his chair.

After the game, Izzo defended his actions, telling reporters the time for excuses from his players is over.

“I did get after him. He did respond. He did make a couple of big buckets. He did make some big free throws, but that's not good enough. It's one-and-done time. The 'my-bads' are out the window,” Izzo told ESPN after the game.

Henry says that he was not bothered about getting chewed out on the sidelines by Izzo and knows that he needs to play better in the Spartan's next game.

“Just responding to it is accepting the coaching and not having a pity-party for yourself and just being a basketball player and go respond,” he told the Detroit Free Press. “It’s been a minute since he chewed me out because I haven’t played this bad in a while. It’s once every blue moon, I feel like. So I have to be better Saturday.”

Photo: Getty Images