Motorcycle Racer Disqualified For Grabbing Competitor's Handbrake

An Italian motorcyclist has been suspended for two races and fired from his team after he grabbed the handbrake of a competitor in retaliation for an earlier crash during the Moto2 San Marino Grand Prix. As Romano Fenati and Stefano Manzi entered a turn at speeds of over 130 miles per hour Fenati reached over and pulled Manzi's handbrake causing his bike to wobble a little bit. 

Earlier in the race, the two men collided and were forced off the course. Neither rider was injured, but they were knocked out of contention for the win. Because their bikes were not damaged, they continued the race, but Fenati was not happy about the accident. 

After the race, Manzi told reporters that Fanti's "gesture speaks for itself."

The following day Fenati issued an apology, claiming he just "wanted to make [Manzi] understand that what he was doing was dangerous."

“My intention was certainly not to hurt a rider like me rather I wanted to make him understand that what he was doing was dangerous and how I could also have done something similar to what he did to me!” he wrote. "I do not want to justify myself, I know that my actions were not justifiable, I just want to apologize to everyone. Now I will have time to reflect and clear my head."

This was not the first time Fenati's temper got the best of him. In 2015, he kicked the bike of another rider during a practice run.