Fully functioning hot tub in the Philadelphia Eagles parking lot?

Yup, fully functioning hot tub in the Philadelphia Eagles parking lot.

Just when we thought we'd seen everything in the world of football tailgating, along comes a group that somehow hauled a hot tub to Lincoln Financial Field before the Eagles-New Orleans Saints playoff game on Saturday night. Hey, that's one way to fight the freezing temperatures in south Philadelphia. Temperatures during the day were around 31 degrees while it was slated to be 27 degrees at kickoff. 

It makes you wonder, how could someone possibly top this in the future?

A portable sauna? A house-quality temporary living room, complete with fireplace? A biodome with palm trees and a beach? If anyone can find a way, it's the innovative warriors of the asphalt-based feast.

NBC 10 Philadelphia caught up with the men in the hot tub in a video that you can watch here.

Or watch it in the YouTube below starting at the 1:10 mark.

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