Titus Sports Performance Training

Titus aims to teach the methods and exercises necessary to bring out an athlete’s full performance potential and improve the psychological capacity of each athlete.  The Titus training system focuses on increasing an athlete's total body explosiveness, ability to run faster, jump higher, throw further, increase change of direction efficiency and improve speed endurance. Training to be fast and explosive requires a high level of effort that is based on maximum focus and concentration. Therefore, Titus has a balanced approach of athletic assessment, evaluation, and planning that gives all athletes, at any level, in any sport, the chance to improve their performance.


Titus Training Tips of the Week

Tune in during each Glasgow Medical Aid Units Pre-Game Show on Friday Nights to hear performance coach Shawn Hoffman discuss a new Training Tip fro Titus Sports. Or check back here to listen:

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In addition to Delaware’s top football players, Titus also trained these 2012-13 FIRST TEAM All State Athletes:

Sean Deely, baseball, Archmere

Tyler Novak, baseball, Hodgson

Lance Gilbert, baseball, St.George’s


Pierce Ripanti, football, Caravel

Adam Sczerba, football/baseball, St.Elizabeth

Connor Fuery, football, Archmere

Darius Wade, football, Middletown

Troy Reeder, football, Salesianum


Morgan Lamey, lacrosse, Charter

Katie Thompson, lacrosse, Middletown

Jay Kelly, lacrosse, Salesianum

Craig Zebrowski, lacrosse, Salesianum

Freddy Freibott, lacrosse, Salesianum

Chase Cowan, lacrosse, Salesianum

Ryan Kern, lacrosse, Salesianum


Natalie Rinschler, soccer, A.I.duPont

Megan McCormick, soccer,  A.I.duPont

Amira Hannon, soccer, Sanford

Regan Lehman, soccer, Padua

Haley Wahrhaftig, soccer, Appoquinamick

Jenna Fannon, soccer, St.Mark’s

Gillian Sweeny, soccer, Archmere

Maddie Rash, soccer, Newark

Sam Procak, soccer, Charter


Ben Creekmore, swimming, Archmere


Carolyn Szymanski, softball, Caravel

Caroline Reid, softball, Caravel


If you have interest in Titus Sports Academy: 

Call: 302-456-FAST (3278)
Email: Delaware @TitusSports.com
Or Visit: TitusSports.com 


Troy Reeder - Salesianum (Signed with Penn State)

Darnell Savage, Jr. - Caravel

'13 Blue Hens Training for Pro Day (ft. Paul Worrillow - Atlanta Falcons)